It’s About Time


How’s your everyday serving going? What does it look like when we’re serving well? How can we grow in our serving?

“It’s About Time,” a six-session discipleship resource for small groups, helps us with these questions. It enables you to lead conversations on how our faith helps us deal with the challenges we face every day regarding our use of time, from having not enough hours in the day to having too much empty time on our hands. When purchasing, create a username and password to share within your church family.

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“It’s About Time,” a six-session discipleship resource for groups of 2 to 7 people, provides a helpful perspective and practical steps to address the challenges we face about the use of our time. It helps us view issues with time through the lens of serving Jesus in everyday life, and is based on the premise that the challenges of everyday serving are best addressed by applying God’s word in the context of relationships that provide mutual encouragement, support and accountability. “It’s About Time” provides access to:

  • Six videos (one per session), each 5-10 minutes in length
    • Session 1, Who’s the Boss?
    • Session 2, An Audience of One
    • Session 3, Our Job Description
    • Session 4, The Ultimate Good
    • Session 5, Work and Rest
    • Session 6, Real Rest
  • A participant handout, in PDF format, for each video
  • Leader’s Guide

Your purchase of “It’s About Time” grants access to these resources to anyone in your church family. At the time of purchase, create a user name and password for sharing within your church family. Users are asked not to share the username and password outside your church family. Note that use “within your church” includes someone from your church using it with their neighbors, family and friends! But if one of those participants wishes to reuse it within their own/different church, they should do it through a purchase.

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