It’s About Time: Everyday Serving

After nearly 30 years of leading church volunteerism, it’s about time I started leading healthy serving in everyday life. For perhaps 100 years, churches have focused on people serving at church. Isn’t it about time we all focused on serving in everyday life?

Yes, it’s time. Despite appearances. As American churches begin to gear back up as the pandemic recedes, fewer regular volunteers are returning. Whether it’s due to aging out, covid deaths, covid hesitation, being busy elsewhere, or other factors, we’re desperate for more volunteers. I’ve spelled out some approaches to this reality in “Church Volunteerism in a Changing World.”

But perhaps the most effective approach is through the bigger picture. If all God’s people were serving more intentionally, joyfully, impactfully and faith-fully in everything they do, both the church and the world would be better served.

How do we get there? Conversations. When God’s people talk together about the challenges of their doings in light of our faith happen. Our perspective broadens. Our priorities realign. We’re reminded of the freedom and joy of living in God’s grace. We take steps to recalibrate our doings. Burdens lessen.

It’s About Time” is a tool I created and used recently at my church to prompt such conversations. We looked at challenges we were facing regarding our time and tasks from the perspective of serving Jesus in all we do. It attracted people who were tired of being crazy busy, sisters looking at a new season of life following the death of a parent for whom they’d been caregivers, a man dealing with issues at work, and others who were just curious. All found it helpful and worthwhile. And each time I taught it, it helped me, too.

It’s About Time” is designed for small groups of 4 to 6 people. Each of the six sessions are based on God’s word, but it’s not a traditional Bible study. A short video introduces each session topic, and conversation is sparked by questions and suggested activities on the participant handout and in the Leader’s Guide. Each participant is urged to plan a ‘next step’ to take to grow in everyday serving. “It’s About Time” is available here for $14.99. Purchase allows unlimited use within your congregation. The resource components are available for download or access through the username and password you create at time of purchase.

There are many ways to spark conversation about everyday serving, formally or casually, at church and at home, anytime two or more are gathered. I’d love to hear how you’re doing it. Email me with your ideas and questions.

Let’s talk about everyday serving. It’s about time.

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