Church Volunteerism in a Changed World

Twenty-one months after the covid pandemic first threw us for a loop, we’re still in upheaval. Vaccines are prevalent, but many still suffer and many more are fearful. When it comes to church volunteerism, ‘normal’ is a distant memory and something unlikely to return. 

We’re in this struggle together.

But the core hasn’t changed at all. God’s love for us and all the world is constant. His mission continues. We are still the church, the body of Christ Jesus, called to use our gifts in his service to advance his mission.

As ministries begin to resume, we struggle to find volunteers. Our long-time volunteers are aging out. Younger people are busy. Many people of all ages are fearful.

We’re all in this struggle together. I’ve gathered some thoughts that might be helpful, and I invite you to join the conversation.

What’s working in your church? What resources have you found helpful? Use the comments below to share your thoughts and questions. We’re in this struggle together.

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