Tool: A Look at My Serving

What would my life look like if I saw everything I do as serving Jesus? What if I could serve more intentionally, joyfully, impactfully and faith-fully? What if my church family were to do this? What if Jesus’ followers throughout the world were to do this? How do we upgrade our own serving in everyday life and help others do the same?

These questions have been on my mind. Would you like to join me in in exploring for some answers? I’m looking for companions in this journey. Here’s how you can help.

  • Try the “A Look at Serving” tool below and give me feedback. Is it understandable? helpful? something you’d share?
  • Relationships and conversation are fuel for growth. How can we point such opportunties towards growth in serving? Let’s share ideas on using this tool and others like it.

The tool itself is below, titled “A Look at Serving.” The instructions point out it can be used in general or specific ways, for people at any point in their spiritual journey. It’s accompanied by two companion pieces. “Grow in Serving” gives practical help in how to take a growth step. “Why Look at Serving” expands on the purpose and goal of the tool.

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