Follow-up Consultation


Those who have purchased an initial consultation with me are able to purchase up to six of these one-hour follow-up consultations within 12 months of the initial consultation.

If you’ve got questions about church volunteers, an initial consultation along with these follow-ups may be what you need to resouce, support and encourage you in your journey toward more healthy serving within and beyond your church.

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Building a healthy culture of serving within and beyond the church takes time and effort, and we do best when we’re not working on it alone. If you have purchased an initial consultation with me within the past 12 months, you can purchase up to six of these follow-up consultations at any time. When you purchase this product, I will contact you to set up a one-hour zoom meeting at a mutually convenient time.

Especially in challenging times like these, we need to lean on, and learn from, each other. While there’s no magic bullet to solve all our challenges, I will share what I’ve learned from 29 years of experience working in this field. I will listen, advise, and connect you with resources for building a healthy church volunteerism system and culture.



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