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Got questions about church volunteers? You can learn a lot in a one-hour zoom conversation with an experienced practitioner. My passion is helping churches help their people serve Jesus as he has gifted and called them to serve and I’d love to help your church do that same. I have been working in church volunteerism, as well as writing and speaking on the subject, since 1993.

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Don’t do ministry alone. Especially in challenging times like these, leaders need to lean on, and learn from, each other. If you have questions regarding church volunteerism, you can learn from my 29 years of experience specifically in this field. There’s no magic bullet to solve all our problems, but in a one-hour consultation on zoom, I will listen, advise, encourage and connect you with resources for building a healthy church volunteerism system and culture.

The consultation is preceded by a free 10 minute phone call to determine whether your situation is one I can help with. Request a free phone call by email here.

After our initial consultation, up to six follow-up consultations can be purchased within the following 12 months at a reduced rate.


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