Review: Every Good Endeavor

Pretty much the highest praise I can give a book is that it is both deeply thoughtful and highly readable. Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work by Tim Keller (2012) earns that praise. Deep and thorough, it addresses the joys and frustrations, the challenges and questions we have regarding our work. To everyone who earns a living, runs a business, creates art, provides care for family or does volunteer tasks, it offers meaning, hope, perspective and strength, all based on the richnees of what God provides.

photo of book

Impressed when I first came across it years ago, I found rereading it helpful in 2020 as I wrestled with ‘what to do’ in a major change of season in life, in the middle of a global pandemic. Even better than reading it on your own would be reading it in small groups.

His three major sections:

  • God’s plan for work — what work was meant to be
  • Our problems with work — why it can be fruitless, pointless, selfish or an idol
  • The Gospel and work – how God offers a new story, new conception, new power and a new compass for work

Since we all at times struggle in our jobs and careers and tasks, this book is a powerful resource as we love and serve our neighbors where we live, work and play.

FYI, for more onKeller’s work in this area, see the Faith and Work Center.

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