Review: But Now I See. . .

Sometimes life throws us a curve — health or job changes, a world-wide pandemic, a midlife crisis. They often cause us to wonder if and how it all fits into God’s plan for us.

In But Now I See: Finding God’s Plan for Your Life, (Concordia Publishing 2018) Julie Hale Maschoff provides an 8-session Bible study that helps participants reflect on where God has brought them and where he is leading them. Designed for group use, she is particularly speaking to women, and is open about her struggles as she was losing her eyesight.

Her study is helpful and needful and particularly good at using a variety of scripture to support how God helps us look at ourselves and our surroundings to discern where he is calling us. Its emphasis on doing the process together is also a plus; I’d encourage indivuals who are interested to invite a friend to go through this study with them. I would, however, also caution people to see this tool as a helpful part of our life-long adventure in following God’s plan, rather than an 8-session process that answers all our questions.

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