What is Equipping?

Want to understand the basics of equipping? Want an easy way to share those basics with others? These materials introduce the idea of equipping people to serve, and on the difference between a focus on recruiting volunteers and focus on equipping volunteers.

These items can be downloaded and used within your congregation. Please retain the included copyright information and make no changes in the items.

PowerPoint Presentation — A 7-minute presentation with audio files.

  1. View the PowerPoint on your computer.
  2. Download the presentation as a PowerPoint
  3. Script — If the audio files do not work for you, or you prefer to do a live narration, you can download this script to be read during the presentation. The presentation needs either the audio files or live narration in order to be complete.
  4. Leader’s Guide — A document with additional information for the leader, including discussion questions and equipping resources.
  5. Participant Handout — A document that can be printed (single page, 2-sided, bulletin format) and given to those who have just watched the PowerPoint as a reminder of the concepts presented. It also has questions for further personal thought.

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