The Jungle Cruise and Insubordination

What can we learn from Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise? What Laszlo Bock has to say here about employees is actually MORE true of volunteers. Empowerment can be key in keeping volunteers, particularly the highly skilled ones.

How does a leader of volunteers put it into practice?

  • Be intentional about asking, “How’s it going?” and even more intentional about listening carefully to the answer.
  • Ask for suggestions for improving the volunteer experience and take them seriously.
  • Don’t be a lone ranger. A leader (manager, coordinator) doesn’t have to do everything. Invite volunteers who show interest and aptitude to take on extra responsibilities
  • Invite volunteers to do things their way, not necessarily yours. But be sure that you are clear on the outcomes expected.


Disney, Insubordination and Giving Employees More Control—Laszlo Bock