Review: All the Places to Go: How will you know?

When it comes to choices, there can be too much of a good thing. From toothpaste to careers, the choices seen endless and often overwhelming. As followers of Jesus, we often add another layer of complexity (and guilt?) by trying to figure out whether God wants us to choose door #1 or door #2 . . . or door #287. We easily get paralyzed into inaction.

Are you facing big scary doors . . . or feeling stuck?

John Ortberg turns the door image into that of an ‘open door,’ more specifically, an ‘opened’ door. His book All The Places to Go: How Will You Know? is an easy read (265 paages). Full of humor, he includes frequent nods to the familiar Dr. Seuss book of similar name with his own Suezz-like poetry. But the book is also thoroughly based on Scripture, with much food for thought. But it continually points to action. How will we respond to the doors God opens for us, the opportunities he places before us?

Are you facing big scary doors, such as decisions re jobs/careers, relationships, or health issues? Or are you feeling stuck and looking for something more? No matter your situation, this read will give you new perspectives and confidence in finding the “good works” God has prepared in advance for you to do (Eph. 2:10).

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