Good Stuff: God’s bookkeeping = All Grace!

Do you set goals? Do you track your progress in reaching them?

About 5 years ago, our senior pastor began working with staff who report to him create annual goals and regularly review progress on those goals. It’s been a new and helpful experience; I’m more intentional about what gets done when I know there’s accountability. I’m also learning how to use goal setting and accountability with individuals and teams I lead.

But this powerful article, “Do God’s Will, Not His Work,” reminded me of the unique perspective we as followers of Jesus have toward our goals. We can avoid the dangers of putting our trust or our identify in them; we can approach goals with joy and freedom because, in the end, results are always in God’s hands.

Author Bethany Jenkins quotes from Martin Luther’s writings on Psalm 147. A couple ‘keeper’ quotes from the article:

  • “God’s bookkeeping is far more generous, and far more accurate, than our own.”
  • “All results, not just the seemingly good ones, are gifts.”

The real bottom line: It’s all grace!

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