Good Stuff: Do We Overspiritualize Calling?

In “Stop Overspiritualizing Calling,” Bethany Jenkins uses her own experience as a pianist to question some aspects of the way we talk about calling. It’s a great starter for helpful and important discussions on calling. Here are some quotes and the questions they bring to my mind.

  • Passion often comes after mastery and control—we love doing things we can do well.”  Have you ever discovered a God-given passion only after investing time and energy?
  • “There is no Job Charming.” Does our desire for the ‘perfect’ job at times lead us sometimes to feeling defeated, or prevent us from fully investing in the job where we find ourselves?
  • “Too often we overspiritualize “calling” and make it about self-expression instead of faithfulness to God and service to others.”  How often are my own prayers and thoughts about calling me-centered rather than other-centered?

The post is good reading, but even better is talking it over with a friend!

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