Good Stuff: Community Volunteering in Dark Times

Many are uneasy in the United States these days, as we anticipate the inauguration of a new president, following a divisive political campaign and election. Susan Ellis considers this as she looks at the role of volunteers in initiating change in her blog, “When Things Look Dark, Volunteers Can Spark Lightning.”

As always, Susan gives us great food for thought. Her comments prompt me to wonder:

  • How often do we (should we) be having conversations at church about the role of people of faith as volunteers in the political process?
  • Since we can all agree with Susan when she says “Rolling up your sleeves and showing up in person . . . is a way of fighting for your vision of a better world,” it makes sense that we as the church especially would encourage our people to volunteer in the community in which God places us.
  • She also comments, “We can count on volunteerism to bring us together, even in the most divisive environments.” That’s a great reminder that community volunteering is a prime opportunity to build relationships that bridge our divisions. Jesus gave His life to restore relationships, and that puts us in the relationship-building business, too.

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