God’s Timing at Work

This post was written specifically for the members of St. Peter Lutheran Church in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

If you’ve taken St. Peter’s new member class in the past 10 years, you remember meeting with one of our volunteer ministry guides for a friendly conversation about your gifts and interests and ways they might be used at St. Peter. God’s timing was particularly evident in two meetings last October.

Ministry guide Barb Vossel met with new member Kristin and quickly discovered her interest in sports and her experience in coaching. With Kristin’s permission, Barb shared her contact information with Zach Bickel, our athletic director, not knowing that Zach had been seriously, and so far unsuccessfully, searching for a girls basketball season that was about to begin. Zach immediately contacted Kristin and they scheduled an interview time.

But God’s great timing didn’t stop there. The very next Sunday, Barb was speaking to another new member couple. This couple, also interested in sports, were looking for short term volunteer opportunities. While they were speaking, both the Zach and his family and Kristin and her family ‘happened’ to walk by Barb’s meeting. Zach and Kristin were able to meet and the new couple were able to learn about short term volunteer opportunities in athletic events.

God’s power and goodness are both evident as, through the people he brings here, he brings us all the resources we need to do what he calls us to do!

Also, our ministry guides are not just for new members! Anyone can meet with one of these friendly, dedicated volunteers for help in finding the best places to use their gifts. Contact Karen Kogler, [email protected], to get connected.

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