Called to Serve

“Called to Serve” is a four-session Bible study that encourages believers to serve and provides practical help in making decisions about serving.

It was written by Karen Kogler, Director of Equipping, and Rev. Micah Greiner, lead pastor, St. Peter Lutheran Church, Arlington Heights, Illinois and it may be copied for local use.

This Bible study was part of an overall emphasis on service that led up to individual ministry commitments

  1. Lesson 1: God Calls Us to Serve. For the Christian, serving is not optional.
  2. Lesson 2: Gifted to Serve. Our gifts are meant for service.
  3. Lesson 3: How Shall I Serve? “Lord, What are You Calling ME to do?”
  4. Lesson 4: While I am Serving. It’s more than just a task.
  5. Sample: Sharing My Gifts — A sample of a gifts inventory used at St. Peter with lesson 2 of this study. A gifts inventory is a great supplement to this study, but only if the church has plans in place for actually using the gifts that people offer through the inventory. Otherwise it easily and unintentionally becomes a systematic rejection of people’s gifts. See About Time and Talent Surveys

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