Profile, Cross Lutheran Church, part 2: Comments

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Part 2: Comments from participants at Cross

About the Network class:

  • “The process was negative to me in the beginning. Why did I have to go to classes? I was LCMS! I kinda stamped my feet and had a bad attitude. After first class, my attitude changed. I was with other people who were new, who had sought out a church. They had made the effort to be there. I learned alot. Since being at cross, I’ve learned more than all my years as an adult Christian, both in doctrine and in applying my beliefs to my life.”
  • “I had heard of spiritual gifts; I was born and raised in the church. They weren’t new to me but It was a new way of looking at them. Not only did I answer questions about myself. But we asked three people close to us to answer what they thought about certain aspects of our life. Not only did we get our own personal view, but I got feedback from my mom and two brothers and husband. It’s hard to be objective about ourselves.”
  • “We [Network consultant and I] met twice. The first time, nothing fit my schedule. I prayed about some things but it didn’t seem right. The second time we met, she said, ‘Maybe this is something you’d enjoy being connected with.’ It’s been perfect.”
  • “The class was not about ‘this is what we need you to do’ but it’s always about where does God want you to be. It’s backward from most experiences I’ve had in churches where they’re just looking for someone to fill a spot.”

About serving:

  • “The rewards of serving are immeasurable, both on the spiritual side and the personal side. I have many very active Christians in my life now who have inspired me and who encourage my faith. I’m in early stages of Alzheimer’s. I think God brought me to Cross at this time. I have learned to pray, really pray, through people I’ve met. I can’t tell you in full what that has done for me.”
  • From a person who connected with a ministry serving people in need in the community. “I remember the first time I got to help. It was Christmas time. Some that come in we hook them up with people to help them give their children something for Christmas. The first time that I got to hand them a turkey dinner they could make for Christmas, and gifts for their kids, people were brought to tears by something that seems to me so simple. I’ve never in my life had to worry about not having Christmas. But these people worry all the time about feeding their kids. [When you help people like that} It’s an unbelievable blessing to see the look in people’s eyes.”

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