A Question: Percentage of People Serving

I’ve Got a Question

“From our database we can run a report finding that 590 people are currently assigned to a position. In order to get the percentage of people serving, what number do I compare that to? Should I compare it to the average worship attendance on Sundays or to the total number of active attendees?”

from Kim in Massachusetts
July 2011


Good question, Kim. And good for you for aiming to count people who are serving. If we say that serving is important, and we want to encourage people to serve, we need to count in order to know if what we are doing is making a difference . . . or not!

I haven’t heard/read of any definitive answer to this question. And often, when people give a figure (“45% of our people are serving . . .) they neglect to mention what total they are using. So, in my humble opinion, use whatever ‘total’ you want. But in your description explain what total you are using. If you use ‘active attendees,’ have a definition handy for people who ask on how you defined ‘active.’ — KK

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