Good stuff: Fighting Against Ignorance

Is there a particular ignorance in church volunteerism so dangerous that we should ‘pick up our swords’ and fight against it?

Susan Ellis shows how thoughtlessness, ignorance and arrogance devalues volunteers in non-profit organizations in her recent Hot Topic: “Fighting Against Ignorance: Picking Up My Sword Yet Again,” despite all the lip service given to their importance. Does it happen in the church, too?

  • Is in the input of volunteers, as well as staff, included when new ventures are considered?
  • Are pastors and church staff trained in how to work with volunteers?
  • Are we demeaning our volunteers when we staff figure that volunteers are unwilling or unable to be held accountability? Are we volunteers demeaning ourselves when we say, “I’m just a volunteer”?

Those of us who lead volunteers must be brave enough to challenge the status quo at times and speak up for volunteers and healthy volunteerism practices. Read the comments to her article for encourage to do just that!

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