DO Something with that Interesting Article

DO Something with that interesting article you read

If you’re like me, you like to read, you like to learn and you care about the topics you chose to read about. If you’re really like me, when you read a great article on an interesting topic–church volunteerism, for example!–you think, “Wow! That’s good!” and then go on to read something else.

Information is interesting but knowledge itself doesn’t change anything. Action changes things. So if you want to make a difference in those areas you care about, DO something with the next interesting article you read.

So, for my benefit and yours, here are some suggestions on what to do with an interesting article. They’re written for a church volunteerism article, but they work for any topic. Share your own suggestions. They’ll be added to the end of this interesting article!

    1. Give it to someone
      1. Pick someone for whom it can make a difference
        • Your pastor or
        • Another church leader or
        • Your colleagues or
        • Someone interested in church volunteerism health or
        • Someone with gifts for a volunteerism leadership team or
        • Someone who’d be interested in what you’re interested in
      2. AND when you give it to them, say,
        • “I found this interesting and wondered what you’d think of it.” or
        • “Do you think this is true here?” or
        • “This made me think about the [insert a specific situation/challenge/ ministry] at our church” or
        • “I wonder if we could do this here.” or
        • “Who do you know who would be interested in this?”
      3. AND follow up! ask them about it a few days or a week later.


    1. Use it
      1. How?
        • With scripture and prayer as an opening or closing devotion or
        • As a discussion starter or
        • As an agenda item or
        • To support an agenda item or
        • To accompany Scripture
      2. When?
        • A small group Bible study or
        • A meeting you lead or
        • A meeting you attend or
        • When you gather with volunteers to do a task (usher, clean up the church property, etc.)
      3. AND be sure to
        • Encourage discussion
        • And agree on at least one follow-up step


  1. Keep it
    1. Put it somewhere you can find it
    2. AND return to it.
    3. Go through your things-kept file on a regular basis. Look at each item and decide: Give it to someone? Use it? Continue to keep it? Pitch it?

Things to avoid if you want action to result: Don’t give/send it to a bunch of people, such as mass forwarding it by email. Give it to one person at a time with a personal message. When you follow up, don’t be pushy. If someone really isn’t interested, take the hint.

Articles are short, and more likely to be read and used, than something longer, such as a book. Articles can be shared in either print or digital form (sending a link). Share it in the means your recipient would best appreciate.

Action changes things. If you want change

  • Share your interest.
  • Gather others who have the same interest
  • Talk to leaders and people of influence
  • Start with baby steps, but do something!
  • Make sure to follow through
  • Keep at it. Be winsome, patient and persistent.


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