Conversation Starters

Start a conversation about volunteering/working for the Lord. What do people really think about serving? What good and bad experiences have they had? What would they really like to do? We’re often too busy ‘doing,’ and too caught up in the right-now, to talk about the really important, and to really listen to each other. You just might be surprised at what you learn.

If you’re staff or a leader, ask an open-ended question at the next meeting you lead. Perhaps have participants share answers in small groups or pairs. If you’re not in a leader position, ask such a question to a friend or acquaintance.

The church is God’s people together: worshiping together, studying His Word together, caring for each other, and serving together. Talking about serving, and learning more about each other’s serving styles, experiences and desires, is part of helping each other serve. When we help each other serve, the church thrives.

This PDF docoument, Conversation starters, contains some suggested questions to initiate worthwhile talk on serving/volunteering, with some additional ideas on times to use them.

Then share with all of us the questions you’ve asked, or would like to ask, others about serving. Share suggestions of when and how to use such questions. Let’s start lots of conversations!

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