A Good Steward of Other’s Gifts

You know you should be a good steward of the gifts God has given you: your time and talents and treasure.

Are you a good steward of other people’s gifts? Should you be?

If you’re a pastor or church staff member or a volunteer in a leadership position (officer, member of a church board, or leader of a ministry), this is one of your responsibilities. An important one.

Why? A steward manages what the owner has given him. A good steward manages those gifts well. God, as owner of all things, not only gives each of us gifts. He also gives his church gifts. Next to word and sacrament, the most precious gifts he gives to his church are the people he calls to each local congregation. These people come to worship, to learn and grow in their faith, and to serve. Their service is key in the church’s ability to carry out its mission.

We’re pretty good at reminding the people of our churches to use their gifts of time and talent to serve. Are we equally good at being good stewards of those gifts, the time and talent they use to serve God through their church?

We’ve all got room to grow in our stewardship. Use this tool to target areas of improvement: “How’s Your Stewardship of Your People’s Time and Talents?” Share it with others at your church, start some conversations, and begin to improve your stewardship.

As we become better stewards of our people’s gifts:

  • People will enjoy serving more.
  • People will serve longer.
  • It’ll be easier to recruit.
  • We’ll be better able to use people’s more advanced skills.
  • We’ll enjoy our leadership more!
  • Our workers, our ministries, and our church will be more effective.

What other ways do you see for us to be better stewards of others’ gifts?


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