In the Store: Training Volunteers, a presentation toolkit

Training Volunteers

A presentation toolkit for improving church volunteerism health

“Training Volunteers” includes two PowerPoint presentations with supporting tool. You can use this kit for training yourself and for training others. Every church volunteer should be trained for their service. When a church emphasizes training, both volunteers and leaders are happier, and ministries are more effective.

Cost: $8.00. Click here to purchase.
Purchase with “Job Descriptions” presentation package; $12.00 for both. Click here to purchase both.

See sample slides from the presentations in both toolkits.

Contents of the “Training Volunteers” presentation package:

  • Two PowerPoint presentations, each about 5 minutes in length.
    • “Why Train Volunteers?” discusses why training is important and the benefits of training for all volunteers. The benefits of leadership training are also covered.
    • “How to Train Volunteers” covers when to train volunteers, who can lead trainings, characteristics of effective training, methods of training, how to make training happen and overcoming barriers to training.
  • A printed script in PDF format for each presentation. The presenter needs to use this script, or their own adaptation, with the presentation.
  • A handout (PDF) for each presentation. For local printing as a take-home piece for those who view the presentation, it includes a summary of the presentation, questions for further thought, and suggested resources for further exploration of the topic.
  • A worksheet to initiate thinking and planning on specific content and planning for training volunteers.
  • A Leader’s Guide (PDF) with details on using the materials; more detailed information on the topic; discussion questions; some suggested activities to use after the presentation to reinforce the topic; a summary of the equipping principles on which the entire package is based; and a list of other resources available.

Suggested uses for the “Training Volunteers” presentation package:

  • For pastor, key leader or equipping team to gain a brief yet comprehensive overview of the subject
  • For educating other leadership groups: committees, boards, teams
  • For training the volunteers who will carry out specific tasks
  • For informing, encouraging and motivating large groups of congregational members
  • Those who don’t have a background in these subjects will receive a succinct grounding
  • Those with or without background knowledge will have a tool for easily educating and training others

Please note:

  • You must have the program Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 or newer on your computer in order to view or project the presentation.
  • This product is provided via download. Although downloading via a dial-up connection might work, a broadband internet connection is recommended.
  • The presentation is copyright and the purchased presentation package is for use only in the purchaser’s congregation.

Cost for the “Training Volunteers” presentation package: $8.00. Click here to purchase.

Also available: “Job Descriptions” presentation package. $12.00 for both. Click here to purchase both.

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