The Equipper Newsletter -- January 31, 2007

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No Train, No Gain

Does your employer train new hires? If you became a Red Cross disaster relief volunteer, would you expect to receive training? Do you expect most teenagers to get drivers' ed training before getting a driver's license?

Training is taken for granted in many areas. But does your church train its Sunday school teachers? Board and committee members? Ushers? Most churches do not, because "Everyone already knows how to do that!" But even though teens have watched people drive all their lives, even though employers hire people with skills and experience, and even though you may have helped another organization with disaster relief, training is still expected and appreciated.

Training tells me how a task is done here, what the expectations are, how the equipment/schedule/procedures work here, and how this task relates to others at this church. In addition, training builds relationships between people, gives me opportunity to ask questions, and tells me how this task fits in my church's overall purpose.

One size does not fit all when it comes to training. Training reflects differing ministries and people's differing schedules and learning styles.


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