The Equipper Newsletter -- December 10, 2006

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How to Improve Volunteerism

Do you agree?

  1. Virtually all church leaders want to improve volunteerism at their church.
  2. Virtually all church leaders do little or nothing to improve volunteerism at their church.
Perhaps those statements are a bit strong, but they are true in my experience. I'd be interested to see if readers agree, and, if so, their thoughts as to why both are true.

Improving volunteerism is not easy; it's hard work with many challenges. But lack of ideas for how to go about it is perhaps the greatest hurdle. Once there is knowledge, with a vision for a preferred future and strategies for getting there, the hard work is rewarded and the challenges made easier by the progress that is experienced.

The first and most important step is determining where you are headed. What will volunteerism look like when it is improved? Of course there will be more people volunteering, but what will be different that brings about that desired result? For many, the goal is no more than finding new ways to get people to do what "needs to be done" around church--more warm bodies to fill those slots. They're thinking that change needs to be focused on others-those people who aren't volunteering-so they'll do what I think they should do!

But increased or sugar-coated pressure, pleading, and guilting just doesn't work. And it's far from the picture of the church as the body of Christ. It is the head, Jesus Christ--not another part of the body--who orchestrates the intricate dance of all the parts working together, according to the way He designed them. But certain changes within all of us members of the body--pastors and lay, involved and uninvolved--can and will help and encourage others to serve as God has called them.

Here's some specific steps that improve volunteerism . . . [Click here to finish this article.]

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