The Equipper Newsletter -- November 11, 2006

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Article: How to Assess Volunteerism at Your Church

When you want to improve, you measure. You see where you're at, decide where you want to be, take steps to get there, and track your results. You use the bathroom scale to see if the diet is working, the grades on tests to see if you're studying enough, and the balance in the savings account to see if you'll be able to go to that special vacation destination.

If volunteerism at your church isn't where you want it to be -- if a few people are doing all the work and getting burned out, if everyone's tired of the same pleas for help in the bulletin week after week - it can be hard to know where to start. One solution is to push people harder to volunteer, to develop more subtle ways to guilt, pressure, or argue people into doing what you want them to do. Trouble is, we know that's not the right thing to do and it just plain doesn't work.

The right way to improve is to aim to be the church described in I Corinthians 12, Romans 12, and Ephesians 4, one in which, just like in a human body, every person/part is doing what God designed it to do and is doing it for the common good.

But to become that, what do we measure? Here's some suggestions. Look at your church from the perspective of a new member, or a member who only attends worship.

  1. Getting involved. How easy/hard is to:
  2. Once I select a ministry,

People who are already involved will likely need to talk to newer members to get an accurate measure of these things. Talking to long-time members who are not involved will reveal their perception of the church in the above areas. As you listen, remember you are measuring, not judging.

Measure your church's volunteerism culture--'the way we do things.' If someone were to 'hang out' at your church on Sunday mornings and when people are gathered for ministry activities, how often would they see people:

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