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January 10, 2017
Churches Equipping Saints for Service
 Invite Seniors to Serve

Picture the seniors who volunteer at church. Do you first picture the sweet grandmothers who stuff inserts in the bulletin? They are wonderful, valuable volunteers. But also picture:

  • The 'elder statemen/women who serve in leadership and influence roles
  • Retirees whose calendars are filled with travel, grandchildren, and other fun
  • The frail elderly who don't go out much but love to talk on the phone and are mighty prayer warriors
  • Early retirees seeking to use their significant skills in significant ways

Seniors are an increasing percentage of the population, a great and growing volunteer pool. Older seniors are living longer and have more mobility than previous generations; they are highly dedicated to their churches. Younger seniors have many and varied skills . . . Read more

 Scheduling Volunteers
We’re all jugglers when it comes to our calendars. On top of our regular work/school hours, there are the soccer tournaments, band recitals, business trips, family get-togethers, and weekend getaways. One result: many volunteer no-show’s at church because “something came up.”
One way to work with this reality is to rethink the way you schedule committee meetings, Nursery workers, and Sunday school teachers. Technology brings us more options than ever before. Here are the pro’s and con’s that I and others have found with a variety of scheduling options. Read the article
 Top Ten of 2016
What are people reading? Here are the most viewed articles and resources on in 2016 as measured by page views:
 Good Stuff
  •  Another 2016 'most read' list, this one from the Volunteer Match website. I was especially intrigued by "Why You Shouldn't Give Gifts to Volunteers" and "Why Prisons Need More Volunteers"
  • With the inauguration of a new president coming up soon, there's much certainty here in the U.S. Susan Ellis wrote "When Things Look Dark, Volunteers Can Spark Lightening" on the impact of volunteers of all political persuasions. A link to her article, plus some thoughts, here.

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