The Equipper Newsletter
December 13, 2016
Churches Equipping Saints for Service
 The Power of Stories
Stories are on my mind. Creating a "story team" for our church is one of my current priorities, part of our effort to strengthen our overall volunteerism health. Stories are powerful tools in recruiting, supporting and affirming volunteers.
The 2-3 volunteers on this team will poke around the church, looking for the great things God is doing when our people serve; they'll check out the details and get permission to share; then pass those stories along to me and others for sharing in all our communication tools. They'll encourage us, inspire us, amaze us, and give us reason to celebrate our great God!
Who's noticing and gathering and sharing stories at your church? Read these articles, and maybe stories will become your priority, too. 
The Power of Stories: why and how to gather and share . . .
Stories: God's, Mine, Yours: tying all the stories together . . .
 Good Stuff

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