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December 1, 2015
Churches Equipping Saints for Service
The best of recent posts on two popular ways to recruit volunteers: ministry fairs (Throw a Party!); gift/time and talent surveys.
 Want Volunteers? Throw a Party!

Ministry fairs are popular church volunteer recruitment events. Each ministry (such as Sunday school, food pantry, the garden club, etc.) prepares and mans a table. People stroll around the room, viewing the volunteer opportunities, and signing up if interested.

Effective ministry fairs are like a party – a place where people gather, eat, talk and hopefully see or do something fun. Some tips:

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  Time & Talent & Spiritual Gift Surveys
Time and talent surveys and spiritual gift inventories are two common data-gathering tools in churches. Information about a volunteer’s skills, spiritual gifts, and preferences is always helpful. It allows us to direct our recruitment effort to those most likely to be interested. But to do it right, consider these questions.
  1. Have we done this before?

Past experiences color attitudes and expectations. Unless earlier efforts were an overwhelming success, do things differently this time.

  1. What information are we looking for?

You have options. Stick to one type of data and prepare accordingly. (read more)

 Good Stuff on the Web
  1. Are We Settling for Less when it comes to ourselves and our programs?
  2. Reporting and Accountability for Volunteers -- how to ask for information and feedback from volunteers, and why we might want to begin doing that!
  3. Former Volunteers as Friends -- The value of communications directed specifically to volunteers 

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