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October 1, 2015
Churches Equipping Saints for Service
 Want Volunteers: Consider the "in's" & "Out's"
An intriguing way to grow volunteerism at church involves looking at the “in’s” and “out’s” — people volunteering inside, and outside, your church’s walls.

What’s the ratio of inside/outside volunteering at your church? List all your volunteer opportunities, noting which are internal (ushering; Sunday school, etc.) and which have an external focus (donations for a community food pantry; a mission trip to Haiti). Note that when the youth rake leaves at the homes of seniors who are members, that’s internal.

Growing the “out’s” — serving opportunities in the community — grows volunteering in general. (more)
  Want Volunteers? Invite New Members

Talked to a new member lately? New members make great volunteers. They’re excited about their new church. They want to get to know others, and they recognize serving as a great way to build relationships. Most are open to getting involved and making a contribution. Joining a new church is a transition, and during transitions, people are more likely to try something new.

But before going further, let’s do an attitude check. . . . (more)

Some how-to's on inviting new members to serve . . . (more)

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