The Equipper Newsletter
March 31, 2015
Churches Equipping Saints for Service
 The Great Commission in Reverse

Thanks to guest author Alice Klement for two articles on serving cross-culturally. --KK

Jesus commanded his followers to go into all the world to teach, baptize, and make disciples. In my opinion, though, we havenít exactly been filling planes with eager folks going into all the world to share the Gospel.

But Iíve seen an amazing thing in my corner of the world, and Iíll bet itís happening where you live, too. God is giving us another chance! Heís bringing all the world to America. I noticed this when my little grocery was suddenly filled with people from different cultures, whose conversations I didnít understand. I soon discovered that there is a refugee resettlement area between my home and my church. In addition, my church is located on the edge of the large University of Texas Health Science Center which brings in a wealth of international students every year.

I felt a responsibility for all these people. God had placed them literally in our backyard. Who was going to reach out to them in His name, if my church didnít?

God also opened doors, sometimes dramatically. One day Bo, a student at the medical center, walked into the church office and asked for someone to teach him about God. Well, that was a call to action, if there ever was one!
  In My Living Room? A Cross-Cultural Confession
Itís hard for people to believe we want them in Heaven if we donít want them in our living room.Ē

ĖRalph D. Winter, missionary

Ouch. This quote hit me between the eyes! You see, I have been involved in cross cultural ministry for some time. In fact, Iím working to mobilize my entire congregation to impact our international community for Christ. (See ďThe Great Commission in Reverse.Ē LINK) I teach in my congregationís ESL school, I share Saturday breakfasts with international students, and Iíve led mission teams to Hong Kong, Poland, Macau and Haiti. I thought I was doing a great job crossing cultures. . . .  (continue reading)

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