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September 3, 2014
Churches Equipping Saints for Service
 When Parents Volunteer

"Helicopter parents."

If you work in children's ministry, you know these parents who continually hover protectively over their child. They're often eager to volunteer, not so much to help you out, but to make sure Miranda isn't picked on by the other kids, or that Johnny doesn't hurt himself, or that Edgar's nose gets wiped promptly, or that you truly appreciates the many talents of wonderful little Tracy! Even when you need more volunteers, you might not be happy when these parents volunteer. They don't always make your task easier. Continue . . .

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  • Why parents make excellent volunteers
  • Strategies for working with parents as volunteers
 More on Parent Volunteers
  • Research fact sheet on the value of parental involvement in education from the Michigan Dept. of Education. The value only increases in spiritual education.
Why the Pew-sitters?
Why do our churches have so many more pew-sitters than active participants? Greg Finke has a provocative answer in "Why do our people sit so well?"
But as his entire website, Dwelling 1:14, makes clear, he's advocating neighborhood volunteering more than traditional church volunteering. Volunteering in our own neighborhood shouldn't sound strange. While the command "love your neighbor" includes anyone in need, it certainly also (and primarily?) includes the person next door.
So check out 100+ Simple Ways to be Missional as 100+ ways to encourage your people to volunteer for their neighbors.
 Write for the Reader
The next time, and every time, you write a recruitment notice, use the three simple suggestions at the end of this Volunteer March article, Responsive Tech that Powers Your Volunteer Recruitment. The article is about smart phone use, but the way we interact with all our 'screens' now affects how we get info from other places, including church bulletins and newsletters.

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