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July 1, 2014
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 How to Fire a Volunteer

This month's newsletter article repeats one of the most read pages on The Equipper website.  --KK

Fire a volunteer?! "You can't fire a volunteer!" That's the first thing many people think. And their second thought is likely of a certain volunteer or two they'd like to fire.

Just as volunteers will, rightly, leave a position that is not working out, so also they can be asked to leave. The fact that they are church volunteers does not prevent them from being 'fired'óbut it greatly impacts how it is done.

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  • "How Skilled Volunteers can Make a Difference" -- the links in this Volunteer Match article give you examples and further articles.
  • Know of a church volunteerism network? I'd like to maintain a list of them on The Equipper website. Send me a 1-2 sentence description plus name and email of a contact person, and I'll include your group, and reference the list regularly in this newsletter.

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