The Equipper Newsletter
June 2, 2014
Churches Equipping Saints for Service
 Train Every Volunteer
Employers train new hires. Teens are trained to drive. Personal trainers help you reach your exercise goals. Training is common everywhere . . . except the church. Most churches feel they're doing well if they offer Sunday school teacher training. The reality is that every church volunteer should be trained for ministry.

But aren't most volunteer tasks simple enough that anyone can do them? Can't they just learn as they go? Who has time to plan and lead trainings, or even go to them.

Actually, volunteers want training. Continue reading.

 Resources on Training Volunteers
I love networking. It brings a fresh perspective, new ideas and resources, and renewed energy. Here in the northwest Chicago suburbs, I'm blessed to have two local networks: one of church volunteerism people, and another of volunteer administrators from all types of community organizations.
Church volunteerism networks: I'd like to maintain a list of such networks on The Equipper website. Send me a 1-2 sentence description plus name and email of a contact person, and I'll include your group, and reference the list regularly in this newsletter.
Community volunteerism networks: Your local volunteer center (here is a map of centers in the HandsOn network) can tell you if there is a network of volunteer leaders in your community. Many of these centers also offer trainings, even certifications, in working with volunteers. They are also a great way to get to know organizations in your community who are doing good.  

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