The Equipper Newsletter
May 1, 2014
Churches Equipping Saints for Service
 Map Your Assets
Church envy is a common malady. "If only we had the members (or money or volunteers or staff or location or . . .) that church has, we could do all the great things they do." We all tend to see the glass half empty.
In reality, the glass is full. God gives every church all it needs to do the work He calls it to do (I Corinthians 12). Asset Mapping is a simple tool that enables a church to not only uncover God's gifts, but also combine them for greater usefulness and move from talk to action. All in an hour or two.
Read Asset Mapping, an article written for The Equipper by Carol Cohrs in 2010. 
 Big Days of Serving
Creating or indulging in envy is bad, but sharing ideas among churches is good! In that spirit, check out our "Big Days of Serving," a weekend with 13 different serving projects, coming up in a few days. This year, we added a set of four devotions for the days leading up to the serving weekend; see the link here.
This is our fourth such weekend. I wrote about the first one, "The Church Has Left the Building," in Dec. 2012 and, in Jan. 2013, I wrote about "How I Learned to Look Outward." These events are changing the way our church sees and interacts with our community, and are proving to be an effective entry point for new volunteers.
 Help People Work
Jobs for Life focuses on employment as an antidote to poverty.


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