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March 7, 2011
Churches Equipping Saints for Service

 How to Delegate
Few people enjoy delegating. Few people say they are good at it. Delegation is often treated as a terrible disease--something to avoid because it ruins your life.

Delegating is difficult, but need not be disastrous. A skill that improves with practice, delegating is one way--the only good way--of giving work to someone else.

Delegating involves a balance between letting go and remaining in charge. If either half is missing, you end up with something unpleasant that definitely is not delegating, though it might be so called. Continued

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  • Delegating is not Dumping
  • Delegating is not Directing
  • How to Delegate
  • Why We Don't Like Delegating
  • So Why Delegate?
  In the Store

The free resources on The Equipper website are supplemented by two toolkits and a short book available for purchase in The Equipper store. The store recently reopened and prices are reduced.
  • Putting Spiritual Gifts to Work, an 80-page (self-published) book by Karen Kogler. When the church helps people put their spiritual gifts to work, people enjoy serving, volunteerism is healthy, and the church is mobilized for carrying out its mission. This book puts healthy church volunteerism in a nutshell, covering all the basics in a you-can-do-this manner. Available by electronic download for $8.00 and in print format for $15.00. More info.
  • Two toolkits, "Job Descriptions" and "Training Volunteers." These toolkits give you a thorough understanding, and are also a tool you can use to teach other leaders and volunteers in your church. Each kit contains two PowerPoint presentations with script, participant handouts, and a Leader's Guide with discussion questions and suggested activities. Cost is $8.00 each or both for $12.00.
 Good Stuff on the Web
The JJ Fixler Group helps organizations empower volunteers. They offer books, a newsletter and blog and free tools and templates.
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