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October 6, 2010
Churches Equipping Saints for Service

 Stories: God's, Mine, Yours, Others'
by Karen Kogler

The Bible is one long story--the true story of God calling and caring for his people the Jews, God becoming human and dying, and God working among the early Christians.

God's story continues today. He continues to call, redeem and work among people. He shapes those of us in his family into beings more like Jesus and he works through us to call others. But often we're too busy to notice what God is doing in our lives, or we're too close to our situation to see him. Sometimes we confine God's work into Sunday morning and shut it out of the rest of the week.

My Story

Sometimes, God gets our attention. Since God called my husband and I to bring his mother into our home a few months ago, I've been noticing some of what God is doing in my life. He's changing my view of the frail elderly, giving me a new appreciation for the courage many have as their bodies and minds begin to fail them. He's shown me the future as it really is: completely unpredictable, not something my plans can control. Having a dependent at home again reveals my deep-seated desires to be independent of others and to prioritize my own wants and needs. He's showing me, too, the privilege of sharing daily life with someone in their final years, a woman who is not perfect but who has served her Lord long and well and now looks forward to going home. And each daily challenge pushes me closer to Him, the only reliable source of strength.

Your Story

So, what's God doing in your life these days? What's he teaching you through your experiences and showing you through the people along your path? What hard things is he asking you to do? Where are you celebrating with him? What new gifts has he given you to manage? Continue this article

Continue this article
 Questions from a Reader
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2. "I am passionate about what I do and I always find volunteers. However, I feel at a loss because I haven't found anyone to be "passionate" with me in a vision or direction. They all seem to follow or support. How do I find someone to drive it with me? Or maybe I don't want anyone? It's just that it's taxing to meet, search and encourage people. Maybe I'm not enabling people enough? It takes a lot of people to enable; I'm a volunteer." Response

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