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July 1, 2010
Churches Equipping Saints for Service

 A Smokin' Ministry Fair
by Karen Kogler
"It was the Holy Smokers. They were the draw."

Marlene Anderson, Deaconess at Grace Lutheran Church, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, was planning her third Ministry Fair for the church. The first one, held about 10 years ago, was very successful. The second one, in 2006, was "so-so." She wanted to add something new, a "hook" that would entice people to stick around after worship for the Ministry Fair.

Food is always a good draw, and that made Marlene think of the Holy Smokers, a men's group that used their huge meat smoker to prepare meat for various events, at church and also in the community. Their smoker is an intentional ministry tool. It takes a long time to smoke meat. While the meat is smoking, the men are intentionally engaging people in conversation.

It worked.
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 On a personal note
God calls us to serve in many ways. Recently my husband Henry and I welcomed his mother Marcia into our home. This call from our Lord changes things for all 3 of us. Time for volunteerism writing (including this newsletter), speaking, and coaching will be limited in this season of my life. Using our gifts in his service never changes, but circumstances do. All praise to God for his grace.

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