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March 2, 2010
Churches Equipping Saints for Service

 Lord, What are You Calling Me to Do?
Life is full of decisions, big and small. Shall I homeschool my children? Can we afford the time and cost of Jamie being on that elite sports team? Shall I look for a new job? What career is best for me and for my family? Should I respond to that "help wanted" blurb in the church announcements? Should I offer to be room mother one more year? I wonder if I should get a gym membership or buy an exercise machine or just go jogging. Can I squeeze a visit with Sherry into my schedule next week?

How many of these questions are spiritual questions? Actually, they all are. They are discipleship questions because a disciple follows their Lord 24/7. They are vocational questions because God has given us our vocations as a member of our family, as an employee, and as a part of our church and our community. They are stewardship questions because all we have - our money and possessions, our time and our talents - belong to God and are to be managed for His purposes. They are questions about serving Jesus in the totality of life.

Every question we have about using our time, our energy and our resources can be summed up in the single question, "Lord, what are you calling me to do?"
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 Good Stuff on the Web
  • Extreme Makeover: The Volunteer Edition. The difference is volunteer leaders.
  • "Just a Volunteer" -- Follow the example of this blogger when describing volunteers. And the video posted shows a simple and cut way to visualize what volunteers do.
  • Downward Mobility -- Yes, serving in our area of giftedness brings joy and satisfaction. Yes, equipping people for ministry is essential for supporting a church's mission. But we are broken people in a broken world. And our Lord triumphed through a cross. By word and example, he said following him means taking up our cross and losing our life. In this provocative article, John Bernsten boldly faces what a "theology of the cross" has to say about real-life ministry. He speaks of the ministry of professional church workers, but I would apply it to the ministries of the laity as well

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