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February 1, 2010
Churches Equipping Saints for Service

 Simple Volunteering
 by Karen Kogler

Life is complicated. Life is stressful. Your employer wants you to squeeze more work into the same hours, the kids need help with their homework, your elderly relative needs your assistance, and there are important papers somewhere in that pile of unsorted mail.

At least you can go to church, where you're fed and nourished by the One who invites all who "labor and are heavy laden" to come to him and receive "rest for [our] souls' (Matt. 11:28-29). But the bulletin has several new (and many old) "volunteers needed" notices. A friend asks you to lend a hand at the upcoming mission supper, and your heart goes out to another friend who is buckling under the burden of organizing the spring fellowship event. Despite a resolve to cut back on your commitments, despite the ways you're already volunteering, you head home having agreed to yet one more volunteer task.

You love your Lord and you love your church. You know God wants us all to serve, and you see so many needs, important needs, at church. Plus the school and the kids' activities need volunteers, and you want to serve your community, too. No wonder we're so easily buried under, and burned out by, our volunteering. Volunteering too often adds stress and complexity to our lives.

In desperation, some people abandon all volunteering. Others even change churches, or quit going all together, to avoid volunteering. Even if you haven't done these things, many of us (be honest now!) have considered them. But these desperate steps aren't necessary. You can serve and volunteer in a simple, non-draining, God-pleasing way. Here's how. Read more

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