The Equipper Newsletter
July 1, 2009
Churches Equipping Saints for Service

 God Knits a Plan
 by Susan Olson
When individuals and churches help people serve, they're part of God's plans. When Susan Olson arranged for and led volunteers at a recent convention of the Northwest District of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, she didn't know the plans God had for Cheryl, one of those volunteers.

Cheryl came to the Northwest District Convention as a volunteer for one day. She was not sure exactly what to expect, but she was certain God had called her to be in the Prayer Tent area. This area was dedicated for people who desired to pray for the requests received from convention attendees and exhibitors; and for those who wished to join in corporate prayer with others, to be prayed over, or to reflect and meditate in a quiet place.

That morning Cheryl packed her shawls - prayer shawls that had been dedicated and were to be given to specific recipients. She also brought her needle and yarn to work on yet another prayer shawl, one for which there was no recipient. It would be green and blue, colors representing comfort and healing.

 A Question from a Reader
Leslie from St. Louis writes:
"I volunteer on my church's committee to help the unemployed in our congregation. I want to know how we reach out to the unemployed and ask them to help with things around the church without insulting them. Recently our facilities manager asked me to help him engage the unemployed in some major tasks in our facility. The catch is some of our unemployed are embarrassed to be identified."
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  • Energize, Inc. has an extensive Resource Library with resources on various volunteer management skills areas, types of volunteers, etc.
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