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November 1, 2008
Churches Equipping Saints for Service

 "Just a volunteer:" The Equipping SS Teacher, Usher, etc.

"Our church really needs help. We just keep trying harder to recruit volunteers and it isn't working. I think working to equip people to serve is a better way to go. But our leaders don't 'get it.' And what can I do? I'm just a volunteer!"

Leaders set the direction of a church, and are vital to its health. But where does that leave the person who deeply loves their church, and who wants to work to equip people to serve, but is the lone voice because the leaders have other priorities? What can they do when they're "just" worker bees--a Sunday school teacher or an usher or someone who sets up the coffee and donuts on Sunday?

If you're that lone voice who wants their church to change its unhealthy volunteerism ways, take heart. All is not lost, even if you're alone.

  Calendar Notes

October 31 - Today is Reformation Day, when Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the doors of his church. The theses were statements on church reform he wished to debate with others, and church doors at the time were used as a community bulletin board. Luther chose that day because it was the "eve" of "All Hallows" (origin of our word Halloween), also called All Saints Day, when many people would be coming to worship.
November 1 - All Saints Day, commemorating all the believers who have preceded us to heaven.
In the volunteerism world, November 1st is also International Volunteer Managers (IVM) Day, recognizing all those who lead volunteers. Visit the IVM website for ideas on how to celebrate. Thank the people who lead groups of volunteers at your church!

 Cruising the Web for Good Stuff
  • The things volunteers do! Read this article about "Fireproof," a recent multi-million dollar box office hit. Did you know this movie was made by church volunteers?
  • Why we volunteer. In her personal blog, a woman with a special-needs son relates her experience with the volunteers at a church. She tells what happened and how she felt, but it's obvious God is working through the loving servants in this church. This is why you volunteer and why you help volunteers -- to make a difference in the lives of people! 
You can catch people's attention and make an impression by stressing the opposite of what you want. These two articls do that well:
  • "Ten Top Ways to FAIL as a Leader" uses a bit of sarcasm to make valid points about leadership
  • In his blog "Not making it Happen," a youth pastor writes about another youth pastor who is concerned his program will fall apart when he leaves. The blogger writes, "I didn't tell him it's probably for the best." Read why.
 In the Blog
Listening is a good way to learn. Two comments made by volunteers at our church surprised and educated me recently. I talked about it in my blog postings, "What Volunteers Say," part 1 and part 2.
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